Archive | November 14, 2017

NY streets and surprise – Day 11

#1 – I got to walk on NY streets today. Yes I work in NY but never really get to walk on NY streets. There is a tunnel that takes me straight to office lobby from the train station. I just rush through that tunnel everyday and never attempt to take streets to reach the office.

What if my company’s roof comes down or my kids terribly miss me in that 3.5 mins I need to walk by the streets? So I choose to go by tunnel every single day. Today would be no different if I was going to the same office.

But, today I went to a client office located at midtown with few other colleagues. What was supposed to be a 3 hours visit turned out to be day long and I walked couple of blocks in NY streets breathing fresh air and seeing so many people busy people running around. We crossed a park on the way and I was trying to capture all that was going around. A day well spent though from official front we didn’t make as much progress as we wanted to.

#2 – The surprise element was at home. I reached home to see the living room in a better state than before and dishes done. What more can I ask for? It was a pleasant surprise and me happy happy 🙂 🙂 Just waiting for the trio to arrive home so I can do some “studying” with the boy. He is the letter expert this week for letter “M” and we have some activities due on Thursday.