Archive | November 16, 2017

First appreciation – Day 12

Have not been a great day with both physical and mental tiredness. Today is one of those days I really have to pull myself up and count my blessings to keep moving.

Being busy is good for a person like me. Mind is pre-occupied and I don’t get attracted by negative energy. It is okay if I don’t get to do what I would like to do, I have at least been blessed with the strength to accept reality and face it with courage.

It is not easy to just go with the flow when the flow is not of your choice. That requires humongous mental strength and effort.

Work is not helping either. I have a 2 hour call tomorrow, yes on Friday and have to prepare for that. Sat down after loading/starting the dish washer to finish the boring prep work but here I am ranting instead!!

Happy quotients of the day:

# 1 – LHB received his first official appreciation from school for being an awesome letter detective for letter M. We wrote M on a sheet, glued pictures of some objects that start with M and read a book that had M all over it. He took them all to school today along with a mitten.

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 7.40.57 PM

# 2 – Adi’s friend (our neighbor) spent the evening at our home. The girls wrapped up their homework together and I made crispy cone dosas for their dinner. Whipped up a quick tomato chutney to go with it. Adi’s friend mentioned she loves crispy dosas and likes them hot. I felt much happier dishing out those hot dosas. It reminded me of the days Amma used to feed my friends.

# 3 – LHB didn’t watch any TV in the evening today. Thanks to Adi’s friend who distracted him most of the time and then it was bedtime after she left. So, today is one of those rare days he didn’t watch TV 🙂