Archive | November 21, 2017

Instant hug – Day 17

Last Sunday, while the guests were still home and Adi had to go to a class, I texted her teacher secretly and postponed the class to another time. Guess what did I get in return when I shared this information with Adi

An instant hug and “you are the best” praises. I chose to ignore that she said “sometimes you are the best”. All I heard was only “you are the best”.

We played cards following that and it was total fun with so much laughter.

Needless to say, it has been eons since I got a genuine hug from her and this one made my day totally.


Being considerate – Day 16

Tomorrow we were given choice to work from home and log off early, its holiday for LHB and M will mostly work from home too.

But, Adi has half day school and she is planning to go to her friend’s home in same community for the club meet after school.

So, I asked her if she wants lunch to be packed or will she come home to eat lunch and this was her reply

Amma I prefer it to be packed but I know you all are staying home tomorrow. So, if you want to take it easy tomorrow morning and wake up late then I don’t mind coming home for lunch.

Had I been in her situation I would have cribbed to be the only person to step out while everyone else is staying put at home but this young lady. She melted my heart instantly with that response.

Me being me decided to wake up early to pack her yummy lunch 🙂

Being considerate of others is one of the core value and life lesson I follow myself to the best of my ability and I am glad the girl got this right. Happy mommy 🙂

Happy or sad – Day 15

I am not sure if I should feel happy or sad for this incident but my instinct says I did the right thing so recording it here.

Adi can choose two electives in a school year and I already wrote about it here.  I did not update the drama that happened after. The girl as mentioned was not happy with the selection and made me change the elective few weeks after school started. Now, this took a whole cycle of me writing long email to her guidance counselor with justification and she agreed to change as a one time courtesy and with a big warning that such change will not be encouraged in future.

Last week, we ended in a situation where one of her teacher assumed she is in “elective C” that I initially choose and even recommended to take that elective. On top of this Adi was also not really enjoying “elective B” which was suppose to be fun.

So, the mommy brain kicked in, did some over working and decided to give it a try with guidance counselor again to change her elective. I was impressed with the email I wrote to her that she considered my justification (the same lady who gave me big warning before), discussed with 3 other teachers involved in the process and agreed to change the elective. This was a huge huge win for me and actually boosted my ego. I would have re-read that email I wrote a hundred times in following days.

But, the girl is not happy. She was super mad at me on the day the teacher gave her change of schedule and was literally in tears.

I had my justifications for the change and she refused to listen. She even went to the extent of telling that she shouldn’t open up to me about everything. That it was her mistake first in place to tell me about the teacher assuming her elective, that I am taking advantage of the information she shares with me, that I make her life miserable, that I ruin every thing, every damn single thing in her life and what not. Trust me people, I got an ear full and more.

Is this all worth it? Will she like this new elective? Did I do the right thing for her? Should I be happy or sad? Only time can tell but I am recording this in 100 happy days as an optimistic mother who hopes her kid will someday believe that her mother doesn’t have even the slightest intention to ruin her life.