Archive | November 25, 2017

Dosa chit chat – Day 21

Today was mostly LHB and me at home while the father and girl were out. We did some reading, played interactive learning games online and he took a good nap. Such a good nap that he even pee-ed on the bed 😉 I caught up on some of gilmore girls while he was napping.

The highlight was the chit chat we had when he was eating dosa for dinner. He sat on the table enjoying ghee roast with red spicy chutney while I was serving them hot off the tawa. A moment I will cherish forever as a mother. He complimented the chutney and demanded to make dosa more crispier. Where did my baby go that was fed until yesterday while being engaged with TV?

He has grown up so much in last one week. Seriously, hearing all big man talks for past few days like cutting deals with me in a serious tone, asking me for my choices, using new words, giving uninvited suggestions to his Akka and Appa while they are seriously discussing something. Some of his frequently used sentences/words are

you are making me nervous
its annoying ma
actually, I…
wait a second, when did…
YESSSS!!! I knew it! I knew it!
enjoyyyyy!!! (we were in splits when he said this when I was about to go to the bathroom)
guys, do this guys, do this
listen to me! listen to me! (with hands stretched out)
I am not good at this. I told you!!

He is the sunshine of my life making me feel light and help me shake it off quickly on days I wake up from wrong side of the bed. Be it anytime of the day or no matter of the situation I am surrounded with, when I think of this little blessing of mine an instant smile and warmth wraps around me and I say a quick prayer and thank God for this precious gift.