Mommies group – Day 22

Few months ago, a whatsapp group was started for all mommies of Adi’s grade to stay connected. In no time, it was taken to the next level to have a potluck to put a face to the names. Surprisingly, there was good response from fellow mom’s and one of the mom agreed to host the potluck in her closed garage. Plans were made, menus were decided, spreadsheet was shared and with no big confusion or drop outs we all met on a weekend for lunch as planned. I took salad and carrots, cucumbers. This happened few weeks ago.

It was a great meet where most of us just let it go with the flow and had good chit chat. Had ice breaker games and I even won it 🙂 Thanks to one of the mom who took up most of the initiative and we all followed her. Now, she is creating Fitbit groups to focus on fitness in coming months. Sounds fun.

I like it how though kids were our common point to connect initially but we have moved towards discussing about out own self. Like the other day a fellow mom posted about how the pharmacy messed up with her orders and many of us jumped in to support her virtually. Another one came up to discuss about her thyroid issues.

With most of us nearing late 30s, focusing on fitness and discussing about our own health issues with no judgements definitely makes one feel good.

Hope this too doesn’t vanish like all other groups in few months and we all stay connected.


4 thoughts on “Mommies group – Day 22

  1. That sounds so nice Ani. Contrary to this, I experienced the opposite. When I happened to attend one group function, moms behaved as if they belong to different planets, inspite of interacting daily on whatsapp group 😐

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