Holiday shopping, learning – Day 25

LHB had yearly holiday shopping at school today and he bought me green earrings as green is my favorite color. A thoughtful little boy made his mommy super happy. I was grinning ear to ear all evening wearing the earring πŸ™‚

Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 9.51.04 PM

Today and next two days are going to be all day learning session at work and I am loving it to learn something new. Today was a productive day. Hoping to try something new in next two days that can impress my management.

We have a potluck coming weekend. Can you guys suggest some game ideas for the bharatha vilas group (I mean its a mix of many states from India – tamil, telugu, malayalam, hindi) so it can’t be like a language specific game like dumb charades or movie name guessing.

12 thoughts on “Holiday shopping, learning – Day 25

  1. God bless LHB and his thoughtfulness . Regarding a game this one works well – you prepare shopping lists in advance – bread, tomatos , diapers , cereal etc Prepare as many shopping lists as you have couples and keep them a little different from each other ( new items in some, mixed up order etc) Have about 10 items in each . Couples sit opposite each other. Each woman gets a list in her hand and then men are handed pencil and paper. The women need to act out the list for the men and the man has to write out whatever he understands from the acting. Basically only look at your wife and not those around you and write stuff that’s on your list . Couple with the max correct items in two minutes wins. You can make it 5 mins if you feel 2 is too less

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