Pearls from LHB – Day 28

Today, I was not in great mood during bedtime and LHB sensed this and said all that his little brain could think of to make me feel better.

Amma, I want to tell you something that can make you feel better

  1. Santa is going to give you a nice gift.
  2. Ask for something green okay? anything that you like an earring or anything in green.
  3. I am talking softly Amma so you will feel better.
  4. I am being polite to you.
  5. Akka whispering in his ears (Say I love you Amma. You are the best mother in this whole world)
  6. Akka say something nice to Amma to make her feel better.
  7. I will tell “happy birthday” on your birthday and will get you a nice gift ok?
  8. See Amma I hug you tight. does that make you feel better?

If sad tears can switch gears to happy tears. It is this moment. He did win in making me feel better and nice about myself.

What more can I ask for? I am blessed. I don’t even care if the whole world conspires against me, I have two little souls that can save me and make me feel nice and worth living every second of my life. God bless you my dear kiddos.

Amma will make a special breakfast tomorrow my darlings. And for that she has to go to bed now so she can wake up early to do the preparations.

I can even bring the moon down for you guys but for now let’s settle with a yummy breakfast deal?

P.S: Adi – I spoke to Ammachi and got to know how to make world’s best potato fry that you enjoyed from her kitchen during summer. All that is left to do now is for Amma is try it tomorrow and hold my breath with fingers and toes crossed for your verdict.

P.P.S: Today has been a long day and I am super tired. I haven’t blog hopped yet. I am sorry. Will read all my favorite bloggers very soon.

P.P.P.S: We cancelled today’s potluck to support the terrible loss of the colleague’s family. I was the one to initiate the plan and was coordinating with people for past two weeks about this surprise welcome party for the newly wedded couple. But, this cancellation strengthens my belief that no matter how much effort we put in, the final decision always remains with super power.


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