Unexpected day

Friday, I took my own time to get ready in the morning so that means I get dropped at the train station only after dropping LHB at his school. We were on the way to LHB’s school and I got a call from my colleague/friend. His voice was trembling when he said my name and I could sense the bad news in the air. His Father in law expired back in India. He sounded totally blank in the call. So, off we went to their home after dropping LHB at school and rest of the day was spent in wrapping up all the stuff and helping them board the flight.

I took over kitchen, made them eat something for two meals, cleaned refrigerator, sorted out all left over items, helped with packing, cleaning home et all. M drove him to check all outside work, visit his daughter’s school to fill out of country form, book flight tickets et all.

I came back home after sending them off and M came home after dropping them at airport. It was very tough to see his wife. She was crying now and then recollecting about her father. I did my best to console her.

May they have the strength to sail through this tough phase.

So I am not counting this post as part of the happy days challenge but things I could count as blessings in this day are

  1. bachelors living near their home coming in with a flask of tea and egg curry for lunch.
  2. situations in favor to work out all logistics.
  3. her father’s soul decided to leave his body at his hometown and didn’t trouble his body. It was a quick end with no prolonged illness.
  4. I did not take earlier train and M was also available and we were able to quickly reach them to help out.
  5. Kids need not take extended absence from school as school will be closed for winter holidays.

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