Archive | December 5, 2017

Bedtime talk – Day 31

Yesterday at 10:10pm:

LHB and I were trying to read a book, Adi was screaming as it was past bedtime and we should probably turn off the lights now as she has school tomorrow. Yeah, only she has school totally and rest of us just stay home she thinks!!!!

LHB: Amma, Today this girl X hurt my feelings.
Amma: Why da? what happened kutty?
LHB: She doesn’t like to play with me. Even Y and Z. Girls don’t like to play with me *insert his puppy face*
Amma: Adi what are sister you are? We are in a crisis situation and all you care about is only turning off the lights. See these girls are not playing with your brother
Adi: **heavily rolling her eyes** Seriously Amma???? Is this very important now?? Just turn off the lights I say
Amma: You are a terrible sister. Do you know that? Here is a poor little guy dealing with a crisis situation and you care nothing about it???
Adi: **shakes her head** and turns to the other side.
LHB: All this while he was under my arms with the same puppy face and I tried to console him.

After like 10 minutes of our cajoling and hugging and everything, we decided to turn off the lights

Amma: Ok di, I am turning off the lights now. GOOD NIGHT

We all rolled out laughing for the next five minutes and it was contagious.

Who cares if you sleep past bedtime, moments like this are to be cherished forever.

P.S: So, the little boy asked me to bring this matter up to his teacher during Friday’s PTA meeting. He is pretty serious about it that girls are not liking him. However, as a doting Amma I am persuading him to play with girl M who I am going to tag as his first crush. Why because? Because I like her very much and she is so chubby and cute and that smile…. Oh my goodness!!! I can do anything for her smile.

So, yeah I am going to have this serious conversation with his teacher on Friday apart from discussing about his progress on the side. I am kind of nervous about this meet though. Wish me good luck and keep me in your prayers please…