Feeding me – Day 32

Today was a productive day at work. The last day of my 5 day learning program at work. I made good progress, my mentor was impressed with my artifact and we got it to a logical end so it can be showcased to others. It did take lot of effort for 2 days to bring it to this state.

I had to leave early to take Adi for a school appointment and had exactly 3.5 minutes to stop by home and pick her up. So, packed my dinner to eat on the way but couldn’t eat as I was driving and there was tension in the air as we were running late for the appointment. It is only at time like this I feel that whole world choose the same time to drive on the same route as you.

I was super hungry as I hardly took any break at work all day. So, the girl fed me as I was making stops at red lights 🙂 She did not complain and fed me quick as I was demanding for next bite even before the current one was over. I was super hungry and those quick bites were all I needed at that time. I thanked her profusely as nothing can beat a happy tummy.


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