Archive | December 7, 2017

Today random titbits – Day 33

  • 3 days in a row to Gym at 5am. My morning routine rocks. The instructor was right. He said you will have a good day and I am so far having one. The days I make it to Gym sets in the right spirit to start the day but the effort it takes to wake up at 430 still is humongous. Did I say? I signed up for team training. Paying a hefty amount every month and its one year contract. So, just can’t give up. Its been more than 6 months I follow this morning routine at least 3 times a week but I have still not turned into a morning person.
  • On days I don’t make it to Gym I sleep till the last last minute. No biological clock when it comes to sleeping in the morning especially when you see two tiny bodies curled up next to you and its cold outside. All you want to do it sneak between the two and curl along with them. Bliss. I can never be a morning person. Even if I go to bed at 8.
  • Working from home after two weeks. What do I do first once the clan is out? I clean the living room and kitchen. Not spic and span but a decent one that pleases my eyes. Then I sit down with my tea, login to work with songs in the background. Bliss again!
  • I have a folder in my browser as “Everyday Must”. It has links to my bank accounts, gmail, Adi’s school portal and LHB’s school blog. These are links I must visit everyday as soon as I login to work. Today, the grades shown in Adi’s school portal were very impressive. The girl is surely giving her 110%. Can’t be more proud of her. LHB’s school blog somedays features videos that I watch right away just to boost my energy for the day. Its always a delight to watch the cute kids do cute things in the video especially this girl M 😉 Oh you thought I watch videos to see LHB? It is more to see this girl M and I see LHB too 😉
  • Mondays and Thursdays are tough mornings as Adi has to be at school by 7:30am. She is mostly late by couple of minutes and the family blames it on me. Today, I made everything ready before time, packed egg fried rice for her lunch, even helped her with some stuff and she left on time 🙂
  • The day is just starting and already I feel so good. Have few things to handle today. Hope to get them done and retire early. Tomorrow is my free day 🙂 I earned it. I can wake up late, LHB is home, no classes and not much errands to run. But, I have the PTA for LHB that can tally for everything else. I am nervous about this meet **fingers crossed**