Home made goodies – Day 35

Happiness is making goodies at home from scratch.

So, ever since we started buying farm milk for kids, I started making butter, ghee at home. And recent addition is paneer. It gives so much satisfaction and happiness when these batches are made fresh.

That’s butter milk rich with flavors made from leftover water of butter making and little curd stirred into it.

This is the quantity of  butter I get from one month collection of milk cream from farm milk after boiling them.


Ghee from that butter


And Paneer. I use the water remains from paneer making as water substitute for other cooking like to cook rice or veggies.



4 thoughts on “Home made goodies – Day 35

    • Oh just type tamil butter making in youtube. tons of aachis appear right away.. some videos were funny where half the time they only show the milk cream collection process.. watch watch..

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