Holiday Gifts – Day 36

Winter holidays are almost here… I spent last three hours in amazon and ordered all sorts of gifts. For Adi’s different sets of teachers, for an extended family we are visiting next weekend, for friends visiting this weekend, for Adi’s girls gang, for my colleague, for M’s colleague, for LHB and for Adi. I am glad to be done with this humongous task. I love that ceramic intricate designed flower vase I chose for Adi’s piano teacher.

I any given day prefer a handpicked okay mouse-picked gift over a gift card. Though gift card is convenient and saves time, I never remembered how I used that cards I received unless it is from a very special store. Having said that, I did buy a bunch of cards from the gift card shop setup at my office this year. They sell 0% transaction fee card during holiday season. Planning to use it for LHB’s teachers, ex-neighbors and another extended family for the lack of choice.

Now to the receiving part, I received my first gift from a colleague. She made different type of chocolates last weekend and brought it for the team on Monday. It was neatly wrapped and below is her description about those chocolates.

It’s candy bark based on 3 winter feelings:
1 — Strolling through the cool air, freshly fallen powdered snow, looking at holiday decorations outside
White chocolate + crushed candy canes + cinnamon
2 — Sitting by the glowing fireplace, wrapped in blankets, sipping a warm drink
Milk chocolate + butterscotch + cardamom + clove + chili + dried orange peels
3 — Under the night stars, the cool snow crunching with each step, walking among a winter forest
Dark chocolate + cranberries + pumpkin seeds + candied ginger + evergreen pine syrup

Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 11.52.02 PM

P.S: I am slowly making progress with blog hopping. Pardon me if you are bombarded with my comments for all your posts at one go.



7 thoughts on “Holiday Gifts – Day 36

  1. Wow! That’s a huge list, Ani. You are passing on so many gifts and good wishes. Season’s greetings to you all, and my special love to LHB. 🙂

    Those chocos sound yummilicious!

  2. I get lost on Amazon. Doing a lot of my gift shoppimg online too. + like you said, a few gift cards too. If I know the person, I prefer to give gifts too.
    As for your comments ,keep them coming whenever you have the time. I love it when i see all your responses to my posts

    • honestly kids did not like it very much but I ate them all just to appreciate the efforts of the colleague. its her first time making candy barks and didn’t want to disappoint her..

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