Archive | December 16, 2017

And it happened – Day 38

Yesterday (Friday) morning, I was making dosa for breakfast and Adi on the table eating her dosas while checking my phone. She has her whatsapp group and emails configured on my phone so technically we share the phone.

Suddenly she asked “Amma what is between my littles and me” I didn’t understand the context for a while and made her repeat the question few times. She got frustrated by the time I understood the question.

She said “I know it’s a blog name but is it yours? Do you have a blog?”. I couldn’t hide it anymore and nodded with a yes. Yes I have a blog.

She didn’t ask anything more and we moved on to next task.

I am not sure when she will start to read my blog. Will she think I shared TMI about her childhood? Will she like this idea of online journal? I don’t know!!!

Not many of my relatives or non virtual friends know about this space and I prefer to keep it that away. I don’t share unless the person is like minded and I am very comfortable with her/him. I don’t talk about my blog at home. This is my personal space and very close to my heart. Adi would not have known if we were not sharing the phone. But I have always fantasized the day she comes to know about it and reads all my posts related to her especially my birthday letters to her.

TMI – Too much information

P.S: Adi told me on Thursday evening that she likes the new elective I chose for her 🙂 🙂 Thank you all for your kind words and support. Happy mommy 🙂