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12-17-17 – Day 39

A major event happened on Adi’s life on this day – 12-17-17. She got her phone.

Brand new iPhone 8 gold color it is. She set it up right away and shared number with her friends. I could see the excitement in her eyes. Santa came early for her 🙂 Waiting for a case to arrive to take it to school. I have the confidence that she will handle it responsibly.

Small letter to Adi:
Phone is something to stay with you for the rest of your life.  Here is to more and more lovey dovey conversations, tiffs with your loved ones, take life decisions, maintain long distance relationships, have meaningless endless conversation with friends, call Amma every day when you fly away from this nest, ask me for cooking recipes, crying, laughing, receiving life changing news about your kith and kin, guide LHB from miles apart and above all be my strength when we live away. Why are tears rolling down my eyes? Why am I so fragile?I don’t know. My fragility seems to only grow as I get old. You are getting more and more independent as every day passes by and some unknown fear is spreading inside me.

Name your phone, decorate it as you wish and hold on to it tight. It is this device that will keep you connected to this world. If there is one thing that I want to share with you from my personal experience and would like you to follow, it will be to not hang up first. Wait for the other side to hang up especially with elders. I only hang up first when I want to slap the other person. There are times when I had silly fights with my friends to make them hang up first. Stay in touch with friends and family and be that person to connect people around.

You saved our numbers as Amma and Appa. You are yet to make your first call though I was behind you to call me first, text me first and whatsapp me first.I know I am annoying so though you are at school and your phone is at home I just called you, texted you and whatsapp-ed you just to be the first 😀 😀 😀

I will always be just a call away from you! Happy phoning kannamma !!!

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