Archive | December 21, 2017

Band Concert – Day 43

Today, we attended Adi’s band concert and the girl played a solo piece for less than a minute in the beginning of her song. It was indeed a proud moment for the momma and I was this close to get up and shout as “that is my girl, that is my girl”. But, Adi had strictly warned me against the thought so just didn’t do it.

But, how can I just let it go? So, made friends with an Indian (Tamilian) sitting next to me. They apparently live in same community as us, started with small talks and literally forced them to share about their kid and then I said it. I said “the girl on the piano, that is my girl”. What a relief that was!!! Phewwww!!! I felt so good after letting that out 😀 😀 😀

That is my girl on the piano bending forward, laughing about something. All the kids were amazing. They mostly played Christmassy songs and I was constantly tapping my feet.

Screen Shot 2017-12-21 at 11.13.11 PM.png

I enjoyed every song played in the concert and the attitude of her music teacher. He was rocking the floor with his attitude. His face was full of expressions while conducting and just watching him conduct was an absolute delight. It is the same teacher who wrote that “tomorrow” funny response. One could easily see his passion for his job through his actions. Something to learn.


Coaster – Day 42

Happiness is your son bringing this coaster home and reminding you every now and then to keep your tea on this coaster.

My day starts with a wide smile when I wake up, come to the kitchen and see this coaster on the counter top smiling at me 🙂

Screen Shot 2017-12-21 at 9.45.10 AM