Blogathon 2018 – Day 47

Hello hello… I know most of us are already part of 100 happy days but just didn’t want to miss out yearly tradition of blogathon that is unique and so close to our heart.

And those who couldn’t make it to 100 happy days please see if you could join our yearly tradition of blogathon event.

Rules is to post every day for next 31 days starting 1st Jan. It could be a picture or one word or 1000 words. Let’s keep it rolling. Please join in.

Over to Maya and all others who would like to be part of blogathon.

Let’s rock 2018!!!

Advance new year wishes to you all!!!



11 thoughts on “Blogathon 2018 – Day 47

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  3. Yayyy Ani! You are so right, blogathon has become a ritual that is so close to our heart. Thanks for taking the initiative, the more the merrier!!

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