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Wowwww – Day 82/31

That is all I want to write today wowwww and a pat on the back of everyone who survived the blogathon. Thank you all is the least I could say and it was a pleasure reading all of your blog.

I tried my best to keep up with the reader. I feel great today and this year in spite of doing 100 happy days for a while thankfully I didn’t run out of topics, actually have a few more in drafts. That’s probably a sign that I should come here more often 😁

There are very few things at this point of life that gives me pleasure and keep up my emotions and this blog is one of the few. Life without emotions is meaningless and I appreciate that mixed bag of emotions that makes me who I am.

Eternally thankful to all you my loyal readers and those who all participated in blogathon. Getting too emotional, So me!!!!

Let’s keep this yearly tradition rolling. See ya next year!!

Life is short. Appreciate every single kind act, stay positive, be full of emotions and make a difference in someone else’s life.

Have a great year all!!


Ulundu kali – Day 81/30

A good food always gives happiness. I love this traditional dish but never made it. This was my first attempt few months ago and it came out pretty well.

Ulundu Kali (Urad dal Halwa) – It is told that this is very good for ladies.

Steps with pictures:


Dry roast whole urad dal – 1 cup


Dry roast raw rice – 1/4 cup


Palm jaggery (Karupatti) – as needed. Dissolve in boiling water. No consistency


Grind roasted urad dal, rice, mix them with jaggery syrup


Mix well


Warm up few spoons of gingly oil in a kadai, pour the mix


Stir continuously until it comes together and is well cooked


Make into balls while its medium hot. Optional is to roll it in roasted mixed nuts mix

This can be stored in air tight container for few days.

2017 Winter break – Florida road trip – Day 80/29

Publishing at 11:58pm. Pheww!!!!

I don’t feel like doing a detailed day by day post about the recent winter break trip. So here are the bullet points

  • Stay at extended family’s place for a night. Visit of ex-neighbor Akka with her family from my childhood who have last seen me when I was around 10 years old. Both the Akka and the cousin’s wife were persuading me to move to NC and I was this close to start wrapping up as soon as we reach home 🙂 🙂
  • Visit to Universal studios and sea world (yes we ditched Disney).  Spent 2.5 days at Universals and we split as two groups on second day. The girl and me spending more time at Harry potter rides, the boy and M spending more time at Minions. For the uninitiated, there are apps that show wait times of each ride and we made the best use of it. 

  • Visit to Orange tree farm by name “Showcase of citrus” and monster truck ride in swamp. This was a last minute decision and totally worth it. It’s very close to Disney and Universals. I gathered the details from Trip Advisor.

  • I loved the live shows and parades more than the rides. The Christmas themed ice skating show, Shamu show, Universal parade. I was awestruck at the humongous effort behind each of this act.
  • Hogwarts express train ride and paddle boat ride deserves a special mention. They didn’t have Hogwarts train ride when we visited in 2011.
  • Was constantly talking to Adi about how technology is controlling every move of these theme parks.
  • M household as usual only looked at roller coasters from a distance. We were more than happy with carousels and mini train rides.
  • Skipped water park and beach as weather was not great and kids were also at the edge of catching cold.
  • Chanced upon a colleague and his family at Universals. We took pictures and shared it in office team whatsapp group 🙂
  • Night stay and local tour at Charleston on the way back. We made a poor choice of hotel and LHB referred to it as ghost house after the trip.
  • 13 hours of non stop drive to home. The sight of LHB getting off the car as the first guy at 2am and running into the garage showed how much he missed home or how much he hated the ghost house.
  • That moment when we tucked ourselves under the blanket in our own bed after being away for a week. Home is heaven. All of us were giggling for no particular reason and drifted off to a peaceful sleep.


Miracle of miracles – Day 79/28

Few months ago, a miracle happened on a rainy morning. Adi missed her school bus, LHB left late than usual plus we had to drop Adi before dropping LHB at his school yet both of them made it to school on time and M got the train he was supposed to take. What do you call this as? Miracle of miracles? That is how I would call it.

As the four of us were leaving home me being me kept repeating that at least one of the two will end up getting a late pass today. We decided it to be the boy and headed towards Adi’s school. It was 8:15am when we were few blocks away from Adi’s school and the door closes at 8:20am for her. Just then, M asked me to take a right turn that takes us to the beginning of a shortcut to Adi’s school by walk. They both got down, began to walk run towards the school while I took a U-turn and headed towards LHB’s school.

We reached his school few nanoseconds before the door closes and he made it in. In the meanwhile, on the other side of this small town a father dropped his daughter at a safe distance from school ensuring she has enough time to make through the doors without getting late pass, turned around, ran back to the nearest bus stop, took the next bus to the train station and got into the train he planned to take.

An out of the blue sudden change of plan that worked out well for all of us. Otherwise, the routine would have been to drop Adi at her school, then LHB and then M at the train station. With this plan, only Adi would have made it on time.

I came back home, poured myself a hot chai and settled in the couch to start my day of working from home!

We did this just that one day, only one day when all our stars lined up in a perfect straight line!

Again, what do you call this as? Exactly! Miracle of miracles!!!

2017 highlights – Day 78/27

Highlights of 2017 in order of occurence:

  • LHB roller skating classes. He did pretty well but we stopped it after couple of sessions. Planning to enroll him into ice skating in next winter.
  • LHB dance trying to follow the steps by the lead in the screen. This has become a frequent routine at home now. Planning to enroll him in dance class.
  • Being part of craft exchange group. Enjoyed making the crafts. Hope to ship the rest of the crafts by this summer.
  • Getting introduced to Kefir (probiotic drink). Purchased kefir grains online and made it at home for few months but couldn’t continue as we were out of country during summer and couldn’t keep the culture alive.
  • A small project at work in new technology that I could feel proud about. Its my baby and glad to see people using it.
  • LHB study time routine at home. This is a love hate routine as of now that requires conscious effort. Its definitely not a natural fit in daily schedule yet.
  • LHB riding around the community in his new blue bike.
  • Adi’s music performance in local temple.
  • Adi’s music concerts at school.
  • Mother’s day breakfast at LHB’s school.
  • Adi’s mothers day gift (cloth bag with her drawings that has turned into my gym bag now)
  • Adi’s birthday party at a ceramic painting art studio (have to do a separate post to capture all details)
  • Meeting a friend after college days at NY while she was vacationing with her family. They have come from other side of the world, I saw her updates in FB, exchanged messages and we met 🙂
  • Summer vacation to Singapore/Malaysia/India (deserves a separate post)
  • Kick start of butter/ghee/paneer making at home.
  • Signing up for the 5am team training at gym.
  • Swaram stay at our home. She stayed with us for couple of days and I thoroughly enjoyed her stay. I am glad this wonderful lady chose to stay with us. Waiting for her next visit already 🙂
  • Wearing saree to work for diwali potluck (I know its a big deal really)
  • Making of Jack-o-lantern with LHB. Hope to make it every year until he gets tired of it.
  • Family event day at work. Took LHB with me and it was a total mommy boy day. Enjoyed it to the core giving the boy a glimpse of my work day schedule (boarding train et all)
  • Adi appearing for exams outside school syllabus.
  • Getting a Harvard collaborated leadership course completion certificate.
  • Winter vacation – road trip to Florida (deserves a separate post)

Phew!!! Done with one of the long pending post!! Happiness is everything about this post. 2017 has been a good year. Hope 2018 is nice to us as well.

2017 – Food in pictures – Day 77/26

It was a surprise to me when I browsed through 2017 pictures to do a highlight of 2017 picture post. Most of it was food tried at home. So, the title was changed 🙂

2017 is the year Adi started experimenting in the kitchen all by herself with zero assistance from me.

My orange beauty – Day 76/25

This is the bag I take to work every day with pride. It has travelled many places with me for the past five years. It very close to my heart as I got it as a compliment from my previous employer for completing x years of service with them. I see it as a gift for my hard work. I was given reward points in some online site and was supposed to make purchase from that site based at India. So, browsed through that site and ordered this bag which was shipped to US from Mumbai specially for me. I still remember the day the shipment arrived.

Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 2.44.09 PM.png

Why am I writing about it today? Coz, yesterday I noticed a rip in its side pocket. Its under the pocket so that means I can’t use it anymore. The pocket where I usually keep all my travel size lotions and lip balm. I use it very rarely though!

This bag is one of the best choice I have made and guess its time to give it a good rest though it looks shiny and as new as just bought yesterday. It has worked beyond its tenure. I am sad to see her go but I am happy for the time we spent together all these years.

Starting my search for a new bag. Any suggestions? (I prefer backpack compartmentalized ones so it can fit my laptop, dabbas, travel mug, wallet, shades with its box, makeup pouch, papers and other sundry items. M is true that I am carrying 10 pounds to work every day but I prefer to keep it that way.

I like to carry that big one side shoulder bag but would that fit all of this? I am known for packing 4 set of clothes for an overnight stay. So, yes keeping all this mind share your suggestions for a new bag please.

Red bracelet – Day 75/24

I want this to be written in history so recording it as a separate post. I could call this as LHB’s first official gift to me. A red bracelet that he got from somewhere (a valentine’s day goody bag I guess).

One February evening in 2017, he put it on my right hand, said its a gift for me and kept spot checking my hand for the next one/two weeks to see if I am wearing it. He was pretty serious about me wearing it. He would randomly say “Amma show me your hand” and I obliged 🙂

Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 5.23.28 PM

I am not wearing it anymore for the fear of it breaking but kept it safe along with my other precious possessions. I take it out to see sometimes to just recollect this incident and feel the love wrapped around it

Yes, I have mole on my right hand 🙂

Friday evening – Day 74/23

I missed to write about last Friday evening. A friend invited us for dinner and I was clueless about what to take to their home as it was a last minute invite. Not that I would have been totally prepared otherwise!

As it was getting delayed at work, I thought of just buying something from the shop. We were supposed to be at their home by 7:30pm. I was running late and as my luck would have it I missed the 6:30pm train by few seconds. Spent the next 25 minutes in the waiting room and boarded the next train. Called M, my chauffeur to let him know the arrival time. We agreed that he would come to the station near friend’s home along with kids and we will go to their home straight from station.

So far so good. I call him again when I am 10 minutes away from destination. He cuts my call. I try again in panic. He cuts the call and texts saying he got into an important office call. I know that he would definitely come to pick me up so got off in the station we agreed to meet and waited for him. He sounded very tensed (not his usual) and I didn’t want him to come for dinner with that pressurized mind. I sensed that he needed a little space.

So, quickly changed my plans. We went back home from station. I had my tea, started making semiya payasam, mini idlis to take to friend’s home and refreshed myself. He took a good hot shower and all of us felt better having our own little space. We reached the friend’s home at 8:45pm.

The friend has made biriyani, mutton fry, chicken 65 and she said the only thing missing was the dessert and I covered it up 🙂 To top it, semiya payasam is her elder child’s favorite and mini idli is her younger child’s favorite. I could not have felt this happier with store bought goodies.

We chatted and chatted non stop until 1am and then departed (rather I spoke non stop and the rest took a break now and then). At one point the friend was asking on a lighter note if my mouth will ever pain from this non stop talking. Never I said confidently 🙂 🙂

When I have a chain of events to execute, I usually plan them ahead and prefer to go by that plan. Its tough for me to alter an execution plan as I have it pre programmed in my mind but the change of plan in this evening was a win win for all of us.

It made me learn that sometimes if the person on the other side is not in a comfortable situation, then just let go of what you think and do what the other person would expect you to do irrespective of whether that is in your plan or not (*conditions apply) It will make them feel better and the air around becomes lighter to breathe. We don’t have to prove our point always though we think/know that we are right. Letting go does wonders!!

* of course if that action is harmless to you/others and makes the other person feel better. I mean you can’t go and stab someone just because if makes someone else feel better. Also, it should not shake you off, it should not be a task that will make you feel guilty later. Use your instincts and think as what is better for that situation than what is better for you!

romba pesitanooo??? (did I talk too much?) I am not even sure if I conveyed my thoughts clearly. Such a clumsy amateurish writer that I am **rolls eyes** but where else can I pour it out if not here, so yes I am publishing this post!!

Beginning – Day 73/22

Yesterday evening Adi and I attended an event. It is about social awareness. I felt warm and there was so much positivity in the room. This is a first that I took her to such an event and her comment was “It was not as bad as I thought it would be”.

I really wish her to stay in touch with this group and gain some good values and learn life lessons. Let us see how this new beginning unfolds!