Happy New year 2018 – Day 49

Happy happy new year 2018 to all of you. Stay happy and healthy.

The day started at 3:15am when I beat the alarm and woke up 30 minutes ahead. What better way to start the new year 🙂 If snoozing the alarm and sleeping is fun, beating the alarm is super fun 🙂

Today’s highlight so far:
Visit to temple early in the morning
Offer prasadam and perform other activities at temple
Experience many many first time goose bump moments at temple
Chant Thiruppavai and Thiruvempavai in front of Aandal
Visit friend’s family

Ani’s kitchen specials:
Kesari – 1 tray
Ven pongal – 1 tray
Baby potato roast
Making of Ghee, Jira powder, Pepper powder
Curd rice

Kitchen specials in the evening:
Making of butter
Idli batter prep
Paneer butter masala
Kesari for Satyanarayana pooja

Looking forward to a great year. My goal for this year is same as past few years. I think it will remain the same for coming years too.

  • Stay fit and healthy. Keep a tab on weight management. Not doing great on this but I will conquer it someday.
  • Do not hurt anyone knowingly. Apologize genuinely if I come to know about some unknown happenings later.
  • Spread happiness as much as I can and stay positive. Do not let the dark side from past take over the present.
  • Spare time for those who need and respect my time.
  • Do not stop. Keep moving. This is a year to stay high with my energy level to focus on offsprings. LHB will be turning 5 that means more deals, rules and trade offs. Adi will be going to high school. Enough said!! So, yes I have to keep up my energy level. Note to self: Self pity, cribbing or sulking never helps. Just move on lady!!

Once again, wishing you all a very happy and healthy new year.

Big warm welcome to all who joined blogathon. Keep it rolling!!

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