Archive | January 3, 2018

Story of a table – Day 51/3

We had a heavy wooden table that was used as a TV stand for few years. The table was no longer needed when we upgraded to a bigger screen but somehow it stayed in a corner. We talk about disposing it every now and then but then it stayed put at the same corner for more than a year though the small screen was given away long back.


After last year India visit, when the decluttering mode took over me, I decided to give the table away for free and posted a pic in community group. On the same day, a lady contacted me and stopped by with her family to pick it up. We had a casual talk for few minutes while her husband was loading the table into their mini van. They were new to the country and she was looking for a job. I shared with her the contact of my friend who works on job placement field. They had follow-up calls and she was placed in few months. We were in not so regular touch since then and last week she added me in FB.

I accepted the invite few days ago and browsed through her profile. She was tagged in few pictures by one of my ex-colleague’s wife and apparently they both are sisters. This ex-colleague and me have joined the company on same day and we have known each other well. All I could say is world is getting smaller day by day with social media. The whole world could just be wrapped in our palm very soon (Ullangaiyil Ulagam)!!

Every incident in above story could have taken different direction but they all fell in place for a purpose.

Little did I know that summer afternoon, that a give away of small heavy wooden table will unfold into these series of incidents in the following months.