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Snow day – Impromptu Sleepover – Day 54/5

School is closed today too. So, a short visit by the neighbor kid yesterday evening turned to be an impromptu sleepover. I am glad to have this family as my neighbor as her mom keeps me updated with any local/community news and the girl is a good companion to Adi. They are in same grade and have similar kind of interest like no makeup, no face wash, no hair brushing, live out of just two pairs of shirt and jeans et all

Banana walnut cake – check (Made by the girls duo)

Family board game – check (We played Trouble and LHB was a trouble all through the game misplacing our coins and distracting us)

Movie watching – check (Watched Coco. I recommend this movie to all. Must watch. My plan was to setup the bed, blankets, kids, start the movie and then catch up on my office work but my eyes were glued to the screen all through the movie). Again LHB was a trouble maker initially asking to sit between the girls, not sharing pillows but then slowly he settled down when we threatened that if he is not cooperating he has to go upstairs to sleep. Towards the last 30 minutes, he came to my lap and we wrapped up the movie with cuddles and warm hugs.

LHB didn’t quite like the idea of Adi having a sleepover with her friend. He kept asking where will they sleep? they will not allow me to sleep with them. I will have a sleepover when I am a big boy.

I could see the jealous in his eyes. So, all four of us decided to sleep upstairs while M was chucked out of the room. He was convinced by that and filled his Akka with sorry’s, hugs and kisses for all his naughty act so far.

More giggles happened during bedtime and Adi did a little bit of show off brushing her teeth during bedtime (which otherwise never happens without me reminding her 10 times) and asking her friend if she doesn’t brush during bedtime 🙂

Yesterday was a snow day well spent! Let’s see how today unfolds!!

That’s LHB doing starfall in the evening

Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 8.35.01 AM.png