Archive | January 8, 2018

Today – Day 58/8

If we plan something, God plans something else! Have to finish this post in 3 minutes!!!

So, with so much sulking and cribbing, I got ready and boarded my train late than usual in the morning to go to workplace. The train stranded one station before the station I was supposed to get off and the connecting train was also suspended. Fortunately some of my colleagues were waiting in the connecting station. So, I joined them in a short while.

We decided to head back home, came out of the station and booked Uber. The phone we used to book Uber promptly shut off while the driver was 3 mins away!! It was so cold and all that the poor phone and we needed was some warmness. So, we came back in to the station, boarded for the next train that was super delayed and reached home around early afternoon. My toes were numb by the time I reached home. Thanks to the colleague who dropped me home.

So much for all that sulking, cribbing in the morning. I should have just stayed home. Did I say it already? I hate this weather, for the first time in a decade of living here.

All I did for the rest of the day was to hide inside two blankets and carry on with my work until the rest of the clan came back to the nest.

I sent out a much needed email and made the much needed phone call that was procrastinated. Also, got couple of other items checked from my list. So, not a bad day overall! I feel much better than yesterday and thank you all for the hugs. Today is definitely better 🙂 I only hope it continues to stay the same at least for a while if not always. After all life is about ups and downs isn’t it 🙂

LHB quotient: We followed out evening routine of “studying” and played a game of chutes and ladders. The boy is still fascinated with the slide more than the ladder. who wants to win when sliding is so much fun!!

I sent out evite for LHB’s birthday party and guess who accepted it right away? My little crush from his class is coming for the party 😁😁😁