Archive | January 9, 2018

Distinction – Day 60

Happy to share the news that Adi passed the piano exam she gave last weekend with distinction. Her teacher is super proud of her.(This is not the exam she attended on Saturday). Piano exam was on Sunday and M escorted her.

As dotting parents we promised to treat the girl with a family lunch or dinner at a restaurant to celebrate her effort. It’s been a while we ate out as a family at a restaurant to celebrate something (Not counting those quick bites during winter trip).

Amma double happy today 😊😊

ETA: What do double happy Amma do? She makes onion pagoda for her family at 9 in the night as the husband says he wants to eat something yummy and crunchy. And to have a simple same day celebration of daughter’s milestone.


Something right – Day 59/9

You feel you are doing something right somewhere and got your values right

when you meet a colleague after 3 weeks and she breaks down instantly and ask you for a hug. She is going through tough times and she needed a tight hug to feel better. I gave her a big bear hug and let her cry. I told her its okay to cry and she is a strong person. She will figure out the way to come out of this.

when another colleague tells you how she missed sharing small stories with you all these weeks

when anyone you see greets you with a “happy new year” with a broad smile. Some stop for couple of minutes to ask about your holidays and a quick chit chat.

when your diet buddies remind you about dieting which was otherwise long forgotten.

when your junior coworker is excited to finally get time to put our head together into something, succeed in the effort and appreciates you with couple of special tea bags.

Felt great to sit at my window seat and glance at empire state building by just tilting my head to the left.

Took a deep breath and counted my blessings. Happy to be back at desk 😊