Ginger bread man – Day 62/11

At LHB school, they played a game in December where the kids made gingerbread man and the teacher hid it in closet telling the kids that he disappeared and went to visit places.

She requested parents to ask their friends and family from different state/country to send letters to school saying they spotted the gingerbread man near their place and explain the details.

It’s an interactive and fun way to learn about other states and countries. Did I tell you already that I love this school? It plays a major role to the wholistic progress LHB has made in last two years of course in his own pace.

See what his cousins from the other side of this country sent for him. He is one of the first to receive the letter. I loved the detail about the bridge.

LHB now talks about Mexico, China, Golden gate bridge and Florida. He wants to go to Mexico. Hope he takes me along too preferably to a beach town 😎


14 thoughts on “Ginger bread man – Day 62/11

    • fees mattum ketudadheenga! I don’t think we can afford this school for long Tharani! I will mostly move him to public school system for first grade. appo theriyum namba vandavalam ellam.. ippo sir-kku over attention!

  1. The school sounds so cool Ani. Happy for LHB. Can we still send the letter? i’ll ask Mantam to write a letter for LHB with details of Australia. They will be more than happy to do it

    • Please Seema.. We all would be thrilled and very happy to receive the letter. Once we receive it I will persuade Adi to write a letter to Mantam too! let’s share phone number and address in FB!

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