Heaven and Sin – Day 67/16

Have you seen heaven and performing Sin at the same time? We experienced it yesterday by gulping this down – Warm brownie filled with walnuts, topped with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup all over it!!

Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 11.10.25 PM.png

Had family lunch at “On the border” Mexican restaurant, wrapped it up with above said sin and evening was spent shopping for Adi and LHB. It was mommy and girl shopping day. The boys chose to stay back home and take a nice nap!

I must admit its a tiring task to shop clothes for this girl who is happy with just a pair of shirts and pants. She doesn’t like bright colors, flowers, strips and intricate designs on tops. So, now tell me what choice do we have to choose? We roam around the whole multistorey shop and she doesn’t like anything. I felt how the table turns so quick. All those hard times I have given Amma during my growing up shopping days. All I knew was only two colors – white and blue and I get fixed with the first dress I see with blue/white combo. Amma takes me around to ten other stores all day to look at more options only to come back to the first store in the evening and buy that blue/white salwar. I realized the existence of other colors only after joining college. Hope, this girl realizes that someday and releases me from this task sooner!! We did get 4 tops after roaming around for 4 hours. seriously, I am not joking at all!! I will cry if you ask me one more time!!

Adi and I witnessed a first hand car accident while driving towards mall. The car that was just before us ran over the front of another car trying to merge with main road. The headlights and bonnet of the car from right were in the air and I just stopped our car not knowing what to do next. Both Adi and I felt very bad for the poor old man in the damaged car. Luckily, he was not injured as the car did not topple. Hope he has reached home and safe now!




5 thoughts on “Heaven and Sin – Day 67/16

  1. That looks yummmmmmy. We always wanted to but never did try ‘On the Border’. Hmmm maybe we should-just for the desserts 😁 I thought shopping with a teenage girl would be more fun. I get so bored seeing same old same old tshirts and pants for Sam!

    • Its fun only if the teenager is interested in shopping **rolls eyes** actually she rolls her eyes very heavily when we are out for shopping as I constantly nag her to try different clothes…

  2. Looks super yummy Ani… 🙂
    Aww… she should come shopping with me.. I’ll change her .. lol 😂
    Glad you guys are okay. Hope the old man is safe home!

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