Just because – Day 68/17

Today I wanted to pickup one of the post from my draft (2017 in a nutshell, 2017 in pictures, winter trip, summer trip, food recipes, Adi’s 12th birthday party and the list is growing) but just because I managed to get only 3 minutes to do the post for today I am settling with this song I was hooked on to all day long.

Working from home day means non stop shuffle of songs playing in the background

  • Meeting with LHB’s teacher went well than expected. There are some followups but not worried about it for now. We will go with the flow and focus on the tremendous progress the little boy has made.
  • Had a heavy quick lunch outside with M. We shared a kebab platter and highlight was the kashmiri tea (pink colored hot tea with crushed nuts). It was totally different and this is the first time I am tasting it!
  • Adi is making oreo choco balls with ghirardelli milk chocolate as I am typing this and I am nagging her to make me masala tea **spoiled mom alert** she hasn’t budged yet though!
  • LHB is sitting next to me glued to his own world aka idiot box! Have to distract him soon!

8 thoughts on “Just because – Day 68/17

  1. Masala tea made by someone other than myself… bliss !! Great going for the little boy … I’m sure he’ll do great because he has that big list to catch up on after he turns 5 😜😜

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