Getting independent – Day 69/18

Happiness or not is seeing your children getting independent (the “not” part really depends on your mood and the task in hand).

Yesterday evening, Adi and LHB performed their own tasks independently and I couldn’t be more proud of them.

Adi: Making of oreo balls covered with milk chocolate, drizzled with white chocolate. Though this falls under junk category, I was happy to see the girl handling kitchen on her own. The picture was taken in a hurry as I was afraid that it will all be gone by the time I arrange them for a photo shoot. So, pardon the messiness please!

Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 3.15.30 AM.png

LHB: Solving of PJ masks 48 piece puzzle. I did not help at all. We all were very much impressed with the way he solved it!





12 thoughts on “Getting independent – Day 69/18

  1. Na na na how can those be junk nooo way they are absolutly yummyliscious…

    And well done to the little one on completing the puzzle i wont have the patience..although i so have a few myself….

    • M also says the same that he doesn’t have the patience to sit in one place for more than .59 seconds 🙂
      though we call it junk, all of us were gorging on it so much that it was over on same day 🙂

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