Satisfaction – Day 71/20

The best way to satisfy myself is to clean home. Though its a tiring job, I have to admit that it feels like a therapy and the satisfaction I feel by end of it is something incomparable. Today is one such day. I spent 7 hours straight with no break in cleaning all the rooms. I prefer to be alone when I clean. So, the rest of the clan was sent out and I was into the task with songs in background as company.

It was sort of deep cleaning that involved sweeping under the bed, moving couch, day bed et all. I found some lost treasures in nooks and corners. My body was not very happy but the good side is clean home. Clean home means happy and satisfied me. It was double dhamaka as I also reached my daily goal of 10k steps after a brief hiatus!

Other highlights of today:

  • Adi asking for an extra dosa for breakfast because the chutney was super tasty. She declared that I mastered he art of chutney making 🙂 For those curious souls, it was onion tomato chutney. For some weird reason, my brother and I used to call it as disco chutney during our growing up days!
  • Board game with kids before their bedtime and LHB giving me gyan that we have to play by rules!!
  • Oil massaging Adi’s hair (this is our weekly Saturday night routine and the girl and I have been catching up on Gilmore girls during this time). I must admit this weekly oiling session has come a long way from being extremely painful (as I try to take off the knots in hair) to watching TV shows together.
  • Kadhi and potato fry for kids lunch (this is one of Adi’s favorite combo)
  • LHB getting very upset about us watching Gilmore girls. It was kind of very cute to hear him say “You guys are watching for a long time Amma. Fine! I will not watch my TV anymore. Let it be Akka’s TV all the time”. So, the long time was 10 minutes and he couldn’t take it at all. He chose to ignore the fact that he just finished watching it for an hour. TV and kids **rolls eyes**
  • Long conversation with parents. Amma and Appa took turns over and over again to talk about random stuff. There was no pressure of tunnel approaching or reaching office. It has been a while we had such lengthy convos.

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