Archive | January 23, 2018

Friday evening – Day 74/23

I missed to write about last Friday evening. A friend invited us for dinner and I was clueless about what to take to their home as it was a last minute invite. Not that I would have been totally prepared otherwise!

As it was getting delayed at work, I thought of just buying something from the shop. We were supposed to be at their home by 7:30pm. I was running late and as my luck would have it I missed the 6:30pm train by few seconds. Spent the next 25 minutes in the waiting room and boarded the next train. Called M, my chauffeur to let him know the arrival time. We agreed that he would come to the station near friend’s home along with kids and we will go to their home straight from station.

So far so good. I call him again when I am 10 minutes away from destination. He cuts my call. I try again in panic. He cuts the call and texts saying he got into an important office call. I know that he would definitely come to pick me up so got off in the station we agreed to meet and waited for him. He sounded very tensed (not his usual) and I didn’t want him to come for dinner with that pressurized mind. I sensed that he needed a little space.

So, quickly changed my plans. We went back home from station. I had my tea, started making semiya payasam, mini idlis to take to friend’s home and refreshed myself. He took a good hot shower and all of us felt better having our own little space. We reached the friend’s home at 8:45pm.

The friend has made biriyani, mutton fry, chicken 65 and she said the only thing missing was the dessert and I covered it up 🙂 To top it, semiya payasam is her elder child’s favorite and mini idli is her younger child’s favorite. I could not have felt this happier with store bought goodies.

We chatted and chatted non stop until 1am and then departed (rather I spoke non stop and the rest took a break now and then). At one point the friend was asking on a lighter note if my mouth will ever pain from this non stop talking. Never I said confidently 🙂 🙂

When I have a chain of events to execute, I usually plan them ahead and prefer to go by that plan. Its tough for me to alter an execution plan as I have it pre programmed in my mind but the change of plan in this evening was a win win for all of us.

It made me learn that sometimes if the person on the other side is not in a comfortable situation, then just let go of what you think and do what the other person would expect you to do irrespective of whether that is in your plan or not (*conditions apply) It will make them feel better and the air around becomes lighter to breathe. We don’t have to prove our point always though we think/know that we are right. Letting go does wonders!!

* of course if that action is harmless to you/others and makes the other person feel better. I mean you can’t go and stab someone just because if makes someone else feel better. Also, it should not shake you off, it should not be a task that will make you feel guilty later. Use your instincts and think as what is better for that situation than what is better for you!

romba pesitanooo??? (did I talk too much?) I am not even sure if I conveyed my thoughts clearly. Such a clumsy amateurish writer that I am **rolls eyes** but where else can I pour it out if not here, so yes I am publishing this post!!