2017 – Food in pictures – Day 77/26

It was a surprise to me when I browsed through 2017 pictures to do a highlight of 2017 picture post. Most of it was food tried at home. So, the title was changed 🙂

2017 is the year Adi started experimenting in the kitchen all by herself with zero assistance from me.


10 thoughts on “2017 – Food in pictures – Day 77/26

  1. I can’t make a puffed up pooris (if the poori doesn’t puff, can you call the poori as poori.. 🤔🤔🤔) Somebody is talking about shaped pooris here 😖

    • lol.. there is technique to make it puff. 1. roll the poori slightly thicker 2. right after putting it into oil try to press it gently with ladle and keep repeating until it puffs up.. let me know if this trick works

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