Archive | January 27, 2018

2017 highlights – Day 78/27

Highlights of 2017 in order of occurence:

  • LHB roller skating classes. He did pretty well but we stopped it after couple of sessions. Planning to enroll him into ice skating in next winter.
  • LHB dance trying to follow the steps by the lead in the screen. This has become a frequent routine at home now. Planning to enroll him in dance class.
  • Being part of craft exchange group. Enjoyed making the crafts. Hope to ship the rest of the crafts by this summer.
  • Getting introduced to Kefir (probiotic drink). Purchased kefir grains online and made it at home for few months but couldn’t continue as we were out of country during summer and couldn’t keep the culture alive.
  • A small project at work in new technology that I could feel proud about. Its my baby and glad to see people using it.
  • LHB study time routine at home. This is a love hate routine as of now that requires conscious effort. Its definitely not a natural fit in daily schedule yet.
  • LHB riding around the community in his new blue bike.
  • Adi’s music performance in local temple.
  • Adi’s music concerts at school.
  • Mother’s day breakfast at LHB’s school.
  • Adi’s mothers day gift (cloth bag with her drawings that has turned into my gym bag now)
  • Adi’s birthday party at a ceramic painting art studio (have to do a separate post to capture all details)
  • Meeting a friend after college days at NY while she was vacationing with her family. They have come from other side of the world, I saw her updates in FB, exchanged messages and we met 🙂
  • Summer vacation to Singapore/Malaysia/India (deserves a separate post)
  • Kick start of butter/ghee/paneer making at home.
  • Signing up for the 5am team training at gym.
  • Swaram stay at our home. She stayed with us for couple of days and I thoroughly enjoyed her stay. I am glad this wonderful lady chose to stay with us. Waiting for her next visit already 🙂
  • Wearing saree to work for diwali potluck (I know its a big deal really)
  • Making of Jack-o-lantern with LHB. Hope to make it every year until he gets tired of it.
  • Family event day at work. Took LHB with me and it was a total mommy boy day. Enjoyed it to the core giving the boy a glimpse of my work day schedule (boarding train et all)
  • Adi appearing for exams outside school syllabus.
  • Getting a Harvard collaborated leadership course completion certificate.
  • Winter vacation – road trip to Florida (deserves a separate post)

Phew!!! Done with one of the long pending post!! Happiness is everything about this post. 2017 has been a good year. Hope 2018 is nice to us as well.