Archive | January 28, 2018

Miracle of miracles – Day 79/28

Few months ago, a miracle happened on a rainy morning. Adi missed her school bus, LHB left late than usual plus we had to drop Adi before dropping LHB at his school yet both of them made it to school on time and M got the train he was supposed to take. What do you call this as? Miracle of miracles? That is how I would call it.

As the four of us were leaving home me being me kept repeating that at least one of the two will end up getting a late pass today. We decided it to be the boy and headed towards Adi’s school. It was 8:15am when we were few blocks away from Adi’s school and the door closes at 8:20am for her. Just then, M asked me to take a right turn that takes us to the beginning of a shortcut to Adi’s school by walk. They both got down, began to walk run towards the school while I took a U-turn and headed towards LHB’s school.

We reached his school few nanoseconds before the door closes and he made it in. In the meanwhile, on the other side of this small town a father dropped his daughter at a safe distance from school ensuring she has enough time to make through the doors without getting late pass, turned around, ran back to the nearest bus stop, took the next bus to the train station and got into the train he planned to take.

An out of the blue sudden change of plan that worked out well for all of us. Otherwise, the routine would have been to drop Adi at her school, then LHB and then M at the train station. With this plan, only Adi would have made it on time.

I came back home, poured myself a hot chai and settled in the couch to start my day of working from home!

We did this just that one day, only one day when all our stars lined up in a perfect straight line!

Again, what do you call this as? Exactly! Miracle of miracles!!!