Ulundu kali – Day 81/30

A good food always gives happiness. I love this traditional dish but never made it. This was my first attempt few months ago and it came out pretty well.

Ulundu Kali (Urad dal Halwa) – It is told that this is very good for ladies.

Steps with pictures:


Dry roast whole urad dal – 1 cup


Dry roast raw rice – 1/4 cup


Palm jaggery (Karupatti) – as needed. Dissolve in boiling water. No consistency


Grind roasted urad dal, rice, mix them with jaggery syrup


Mix well


Warm up few spoons of gingly oil in a kadai, pour the mix


Stir continuously until it comes together and is well cooked


Make into balls while its medium hot. Optional is to roll it in roasted mixed nuts mix

This can be stored in air tight container for few days.

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