Inspirational – Day 87

Today, I attended the company recently appointed CEO’s first town hall. The usual self that buries its head into multi tasking the list in hand, today for a change thought it would be nice to listen to CEO speak in person. What if I was working from a remote location? Why do I always pass the opportunity of meeting senior executives in person when they are only few floors away from my desk?

So, I requested for a change of team meeting that conflicted with town hall time and reached the auditorium 20 minutes ahead to secure one of the last few seats available. It was great to feel the positive vibe in the air. He cracked jokes and kept the audience attention for almost 1.5 hours. What stood out for me from his speech is

“Speak up, don’t just speak up but collect your data and speak up with respect”

“Be diversified and inclusive”

According to me, being inclusive in a diversified environment is a big challenge and those who understand this are the real heart winners!

He also touched upon women empowerment.

It was very inspirational to hear his speech and I am starting to feel proud about my company and its brand!


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