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Happiness is

Seeing this as first thing in the morning. Prachee and my post next to each other as planned in WP reader 😃😊😀 Do any of you guys see this too???


Day 100

Oh my goodness!! I never thought I could ever do a 100 happy day posts in this lifetime. Not even in my dream or in that other fantasy world I always dream about!

A big big big thanks to Maya for initiating this series. It gave me the opportunity to look at life with a positive attitude, to go hunt for happy moments, if not create one and capture little cute happenings in daily life that goes unnoticed and unappreciated otherwise.

The happy quotient of this post is that I have reached 100, a goal that I thought I would never reach!

And excited to wrap this up with my blog buddy Prachee. As we were nearing 100 pretty close, we planned to publish our 100th post at the same time. More fun 🙂 The idea is for our common readers to see ours posts one after the other.

All our common readers – Please do let us know if your WP reader showed our post one after the other! Small joys 😀 😀

I have few more posts sitting in my drafts and will get to them soon. I am not going to stay away from this space for longer.

Thank you all for reading me!

Story of an earring – Day 99

Friday morning – As usual I brush my hair in car on the way to LHB’s school. The morning routine is to first drop LHB at his school and then drop me at station. So, in that 15 mins, I brush my hair and get ready. While brushing my hair, I notice that the earring in one of the ear is missing. I check around, get off at LHB’s school, jump twice to see if it falls down from my jacket/dress, check under car seat but all in vain. I couldn’t find it.

M checked around after going back home – the bed, under the pillow, kitchen, bathroom (only places that I frequent at the house) but all in vain. He couldn’t find it.

Friday evening – I came back home and ran my check again -the bed, under the pillow, kitchen, bathroom but all in vain. I couldn’t find it.

This is a gold earring that is more than a treasure to me. It is Amma’s earring that I borrowed from her like 20 years ago and never returned. I enjoy when she says “I did not give that ring to you. You took it from me and never returned”. I want to owe her something forever and like to keep it that way.

No matter, what earring I change to , this takes its place in few weeks and stays there until there is a need to change to another earring. I feel soooo comfortable wearing this.

I ranted about missing the earring to the whole world and its cousins except for the guy who sat next to me in train. He escaped by 1.5 minutes, the time I needed to calm myself down. The thought of never seeing it back again made me feel miserable.

Saturday morning (7:30am) – M demanded me to come downstairs right away. The half asleep me cursed him under my breath and slowly pulled myself downstairs. He asked “Is this what you are looking for?”. My eyes were blurry and when I rubbed my eyes and took a second look I jumped so high that I was about to hit the ceiling. Yes, I he found the earring. It was struck in the bathroom sink very close to the water outlet. It has stayed there for more than 24 hours beating the odds of getting washed out. I mean it is the frequently used sink of the house. It was just hanging in there for someone to come and rescue so it can stay with me forever and ever. I had goosebumps all day and texted my colleagues about finding the earring. Those who suffered my sobbing session on Friday.

I am ever grateful to this man of mine for finding this earring. I would not have been this much happier even if he had bought me some gift!!

Presenting the precious earring that is 20 years old and will grow older with me for the rest of my life 🙂

Screen Shot 2018-02-03 at 11.52.52 PM.png

Best Friday evening ever – Day 98

I don’t know if I will get a Friday evening like today ever again! What made it so special?

  • Coming back to a clean home (not just living room but Adi’s room, dining table with no papers, floors swept, everything at their designated places). Adi and LHB surprised me with a clean home.
  • Dishing out crispy dosas to the clan while they relished and had an extra one.
  • Cleaning kitchen and empty sink.
  • Watching a family Indian movie (all 4 us in the living room wrapped inside blankies).

That is all I need to call it a best evening ever. Mind is so peaceful and calm!

Thanks to my folks and happy weekend to all of you!

Weekend visitor – Day 97

We had a visitor this weekend from LHB’s school. It was Penny the puppy (I would have run a 100 miles if it was a real one). Penny takes turn every weekend to spend time with a child from LHB’s class. This week was LHB’s turn and the boy was super excited. Penny came along with couple of board games, books and a journal to record the details.

This is what we did over the weekend with Penny 🙂

Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 5.27.32 PM

One of those days

Not a happy post

when you have a moment to introspect and realize what you miss, what you want, what you are, what do you mean to others (specifically those who take you for granted and judge you constantly in spite of controlling you). Its a very ugly feeling is all I can say and ended with a sobbing session.

This is the reason I keep myself busy and never allow my mind to wander around thoughts. It is better to keep my mind pre-occupied and busy so that it doesn’t travel into my pain points and make me feel weak.

I feel helpless and weak today but will definitely get back to my feet soon.