One of those days

Not a happy post

when you have a moment to introspect and realize what you miss, what you want, what you are, what do you mean to others (specifically those who take you for granted and judge you constantly in spite of controlling you). Its a very ugly feeling is all I can say and ended with a sobbing session.

This is the reason I keep myself busy and never allow my mind to wander around thoughts. It is better to keep my mind pre-occupied and busy so that it doesn’t travel into my pain points and make me feel weak.

I feel helpless and weak today but will definitely get back to my feet soon.



11 thoughts on “One of those days

  1. Hey!! Congratulations for being soo strong! 😍✨🎉🎉 You are really so strong to fight through this! Awessoomee friend! Keep going 😊😊 love yourself and follow your heart! All wilk be great soon! ✨✨

  2. Hugs Ani…Such feelings do creep up at times. I know you will come out of it soon. Hugs dear.
    Oh…By the way, I missed reading your happy posts ☺️. I wish this 100 days continue till some more time.

  3. Hugs Ani !! Hang in there till this passes … we’ve all been there and even though today seems dark and grey, we eventually get to the bright days … warm tight virtual hugs !!

  4. Hugs Ani! This too shall pass. You inspire a lot of people …and definitely me. Looking forward to see you beat your blues down.

  5. Hugs Anni !! Think of the people whom you impact positively every day and how much difference you are able to make to them.. You are doing awesome..Just keep swimming! Hang in there and do not loose sight of your dreams..strongly believe in them..Dreams have power! Luv to you..

  6. {Hugs Ani}
    I know this feeling. I am aware how much pain it can gift.
    Sending loads of positive vibes your way. May you find peace super soon!

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