Archive | March 14, 2018

Happiness is

Seeing this as first thing in the morning. Prachee and my post next to each other as planned in WP reader 😃😊😀 Do any of you guys see this too???

Day 100

Oh my goodness!! I never thought I could ever do a 100 happy day posts in this lifetime. Not even in my dream or in that other fantasy world I always dream about!

A big big big thanks to Maya for initiating this series. It gave me the opportunity to look at life with a positive attitude, to go hunt for happy moments, if not create one and capture little cute happenings in daily life that goes unnoticed and unappreciated otherwise.

The happy quotient of this post is that I have reached 100, a goal that I thought I would never reach!

And excited to wrap this up with my blog buddy Prachee. As we were nearing 100 pretty close, we planned to publish our 100th post at the same time. More fun 🙂 The idea is for our common readers to see ours posts one after the other.

All our common readers – Please do let us know if your WP reader showed our post one after the other! Small joys 😀 😀

I have few more posts sitting in my drafts and will get to them soon. I am not going to stay away from this space for longer.

Thank you all for reading me!