March 2018

I didn’t intend to stay away from blog after the 100 happy days challenge but it just happened.

Highlights of March:

Pot luck with colleagues and their family (yeah we finally executed it after 4 months of planning and postponing). This was supposed to be a “Welcome to US and Happy married life” party for the newly married couple but it was this close to turn out to be a baby shower function. Glad we pulled it off sooner. They are in the family way!!!

3 consecutive days of all day workshop at workplace. It was in same building but different floor with classroom setup. We had out own desk and chair and it felt good to be a student again. The highlight was breakfast and lunch was served and I was sitting in last row right next to food 🙂 So, you know where was my attention all day. I was literally binge eating all day!

Couple of snow day with school closings and all that, all in just one month!

Started styling LHB’s hair 🙂 We now apply styling gel and part the hair on one side and comb neatly. I can’t love this little guy more because my love is already over overflowing. Seriously!!! He still melts my heart at the drop of a hat!

Weather getting better on some evenings that means our bike ride routine around the community has started. I huff and puff and run along with him while he rides his bike happily! He starts pedaling faster just when I catch up with him. Evil boy!!

Birthday parties! Of course!

Mommy and son outing to the mall. We behaved like adults, ordered kebabs, mango lassi and shared it 🙂 He is a charm to take along for shopping. He made me try few tops, pants and helped me chose the right one!

4 day work trip to the west. Met a college friend and his family living closer to my office campus after almost 17 years!! Again I ate like a pig in this trip!

Took kids to an easter egg hunt at a farm. Saturday afternoon well spent!

Took kids to Planetarium and Lindt store. Another Saturday afternoon well spent!

March was a pathetic month in terms of being healthy. I skipped gym and ate with no control that I gained back all the pounds lost in Feb 😦

April is so far promising in terms of fitness. Looking forwards to shed down the weight gained in March and little extra **fingers crossed** I will do a separate post about this if I succeed in my effort. Too early to speak.

From all other aspects, April and May already looks busier than March! Hope to get some rest day!





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