Student of the month – March 2018

This deserves a separate post for 3 reasons

  1. For the extraordinary effort put in by the girl. She got perfect score in consecutive vocabulary tests that impressed her English teacher to honor her with Student of the month award.
  2. I have not seen her so excited about anything as much as this award. So excited that she was particular about me coming for the breakfast arranged to give the award. This coming from the typical tween girl who ignores the presence of her parents in public.
    As luck would have it my official trip conflicted and I was not in town on the day the breakfast was planned for. But, how can a true wish of a little girl not come true? Our town was affected by snow storm while I was away and school declared “delayed opening” on breakfast day. So, breakfast was postponed to a later day. I was joking “what if I have to go on another trip on the new date?”. Adi replied “Simple ma! You have no choice but to say no to that trip” 🙂 🙂
    So, we attended the breakfast and I can’t skip that twinkling in my eye when the girl was presented with the certificate. M and I played it cool by not going for the seconds though the bagels and cakes were very inviting. Order from the girl so we obeyed. I must admit it was very tough to play it under especially when I saw her photograph in “wall of fame” board.
  3. She did not talk about this with her friends gang because only one other girl in the group got this award and Adi didn’t want the rest of the gang to feel bad. Basically, she didn’t want to brag. Again, it was very hard for me to not brag about it but this life lesson from this little girl hit me hard that I chose to not brag too!

Proud of you ma! God bless you dear!


8 thoughts on “Student of the month – March 2018

  1. Congrats to Adi and her proud parents!! Such a kind hearted girl… when most kids would love having the superior air for nailing something but this girl keeps quiet… love her … god bless!!

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