Archive | May 16, 2018

Cake pop

Last Saturday, we were out all day to attend LHB’s Tamil school annual day function. He said one phrase from Aathichudi and danced for a medley of songs. His program got over around 10am and my initial plan was to leave to tend to other errands. But, looking at all the little ones perform in stage, I stayed put in the seat for few more hours.

Adi and M went back home to take care of their work while the vettis that is LHB and me stayed back. The event had a cake stall and I bought a cake pop for LHB while Adi was away. I actually asked her if she wants one and she said no. But, LHB doesn’t know this and asked me to buy one for her. I told him that she doesn’t need one and we left it at that.

The duo came back to pick us in the afternoon and we spent some more time watching other programs. Kids and I were seated together while M sat in a different row. While we were watching the program, Adi asked me to buy a cake pop for her. I said she missed the chance in the morning and she was sulking about it. After a while, LHB wanted water to drink and went to his Appa. They stepped out of the auditorium and when they came back, this little fella had a cake pop in his hand. He gave it to his Akka. Looks like, he forced M to buy one for her as she didn’t get it in the morning and she is crying about it. He was upset as they didn’t have the rainbow pop anymore. He got her a blue cake pop with sprinkles.

When I saw the pop in his hand, I assumed he would have got one for himself too but I was wrong. He bought only one pop for his Akka and didn’t even ask her for a share though he was looking at her gobbling it.

I don’t know if I would have acted the same way if I was in his shoes. The least, I would have bought a second pop for me too but this little boy of mine has made a big impact in my heart that day with this kind act.

God bless you kutty!!

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