Adi’s day – 06-14-2018

I want to record Adi’s schedule today for posterity as today was one of the busiest day for her! Like I tell her, once she starts high school, its only going to get tougher. She can’t expect to have free days often. She should accept the fact that not every day will be the same. There can be days when she has to stretch and days when she can just curl up on the couch!!

6:45am – Wake up
7:15am – Leave to school
7:30am – Piano practice along with band to play on Graduation day
8:30am to 3:30pm – School
3:30-4:45pm – Music practice and catch up on some homework
5pm – Carnatic vocal music class
7:30pm – Piano class (To practice for the upcoming exam)
9:00pm – Arrive home, start preparation for social studies test scheduled for tomorrow, wrap up homework
10:30pm – Retire to bed

On the other hand, LHB went to backup care (of course with whining and loads and loads of promises that he can stay home for next 3 days), celebrated Father’s day at the centre, played, ate, slept, played, came back home, went for bike ride with Amma, walked around a bit and now watching Peppa pig. Whatttayy life!!!


7 thoughts on “Adi’s day – 06-14-2018

  1. Wow, scary schedule. Reminds me of the starting scene of the Tamil Movie “May Madham”. I guess she is happy with this busyness though 🙂

    • hey welcome here.. watched the starting scene of the movie after reading your comment.. so, you say I am the Hitler 😦
      Not all her days are like this. Think I am now bound to blog about her lazy days as well.. will do soon!

      • He he! no I was just kidding 🙂 I think its good for kids to be busy, particularly if they enjoy these activities 🙂 I wish I had gone to all these classes as a kid! You are just a nice mom making sure she gets the best grounding!

        Glad to hear she is has lazy days as well 😀

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