2019 goals and my unique way

I have two primary goals for this year:

  1. To be ahead of time for all appointments/classes. I will do a separate post about why this took priority this year. Actually I started typing here and felt it is worth for a rant post by itself. So, saving the draft for later because its blogathon and I have to do a post every day.. he hee
  2. To not raise my voice or lose my cool unless it is absolutely necessary. I can convey the message or voice my opinion without raising my voice or opening up that water tank of mine. Yes I can!! Yes I should!!

Other goals remain the same from last year

  • Stay fit and healthy. Keep a tab on weight management. Not doing great yet but taking baby steps. This baby is taking forever to even turn one šŸ˜¦
  • Spread happiness as much as I can and stay positive. Do not let the dark side from past take over the present.
  • Spare time for those who need and respect my time.
  • Do not stop. Keep moving. This is another year to stay high with my energy level to focus on the kids. The deals, rules and trade offs continues. So, yes I have to keep up my energy level. Note to self: Self pity, cribbing or sulking never helps. Just move on lady!!

Want to hear about my unique way of welcoming the new year for past few years? Its to go down with cold and cough, a terrible one that I have to deal with stuffy nose, watery eyes and cough every other minute for at least 3 to 4 days!! Today is Day 2!!!

But remember I am that positive person so I just tell myself that the worst that could happen to my health in this new year has already been dealt with and I am going to be strong and healthy for rest of the year.

It felt so nice to read all my favorite bloggers yesterday. The habit has begun to check my reader often for new posts and replies to my comments. That tiny orange dot notification in the wordpress app makes me genuinely happy šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚

If anyone has not joined yet, its never too late, come and join the bandblogwagon!



23 thoughts on “2019 goals and my unique way

  1. I am really failing at that not shouting part. The all of three year old is the one to remind me not to shout every now and then but then he is the one who makes me shout in the first place šŸ™„
    Take care Ani. Here is to a healthy 2019. Get well real soon

  2. Good luck Ani, I too love that orange dot, that makes me so happy šŸ˜
    And about the cold, my homeo doc says that it’s good to catch cold now and then and it’s a sign of good health… but get well soon !!

  3. All the best for your resolutions Ani. This list is a ready reference for me too. Managing school work and extra activities of two kids is an added activity for me. I failed miserably last year.

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