Archive | January 4, 2019

01-02-2019 unusual mid morning

Today deserves a picture post as I am too lazy to type anything

This was the scene on 2nd Jan unusual mid morning while I settled on the corner of the bed (that was allocated for me. I have been isolated by the family to keep my germs to myself) with my work laptop attending calls, surrounded by tissue roll, vicks, tiger balm, hot water and LHB next to me playing mix and match game in iPad. Somehow, I feel safe when he is next to me!

Adi even separated the bed with a pillow to keep me and my blankets/pillows away from touching them while sleeping and in these two days I have started to like my own little corner 🙂

LHB’s school is closed this week and its hard to manage this boy at home. Today its just the two of us at home. He is watching TWO hours of TV show in the morning but I try to make up for that in the evening by engaging him! He is taking a nap upstairs on his own surrounded by his plush dolls as I am typing this!

Screen Shot 2019-01-03 at 11.21.01 AM