Back at office

It feels great to be back at office

  • To see the familiar faces
  • the hugs and new year wishes
  • My desk
  • Break time at pantry
  • Lunch time with colleagues
  • Special desk with “Forgot your password” sign at tech centre cracked me up! Seriously do so many people forget their work machine password with holiday break 🙂
  • Train ride
  • Listening to songs during commute time
  • My flowery pink steel water bottle
  • My lavender & sandalwood body cream
  • My hoot hoot owl mug
  • Of course the work itself (did not miss this much as I have been working remote) but the knowledge sharing session today that I totally forgot about, walked in with no preparation and yet talked non stop for 45 minutes and kept the audience intact made me feel good.  Received couple of appreciations after the session. I need to seriously learn to work on my strengths than to crib about weaknesses!!

Today made me realize what I have been missing for past few weeks. I got this share from a friend today and it is funny as I literally followed the same even before seeing this image – woke up one hour earlier than usual time, tackled all morning chores almost on time (actually 10 mins late than the planned time but dropped LHB on time) and reached office ahead of time too but thankfully did not forget my password 🙂

Screen Shot 2019-01-07 at 3.11.46 PM.png

Happy quotient of today is my laptop was corrupted a month ago and the tech people said they have to replace the processor and I will lose all data. I have been working on a loaner laptop and was told last week that my laptop is repaired and ready for pickup. I visited tech concierge to collect the laptop thinking I should spend next two days to reinstall and setup my laptop but the guy said, it got repaired by itself. All my data and software are intact and no setup is needed. I shook his hand, wished him “Happy new year” and walked out with a broad smile 🙂

I am thankful and feel great to be back at my desk and continue with work on my own laptop in this new year!!


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