Archive | January 8, 2019

Family time

Family time at this phase of life means

  1. Cuddling in the bed on weekend mornings pulling each other’s leg and having nonsense conversation! This is the only time the girl allows me to hug her so I never miss this opportunity on lazy mornings!
  2. Movie time in the evenings when there is no need to wake up early next day morning! The mind is magically at peace when all are cuddled in the couch wrapped in blankets! December saw us watching many family Christmas movies
  3. And of course dosa savoring gobbling time! LHB says I am the expert of making cone dosa and no one else can make it as perfect as I do. He says “She cuts it with scissors Appa. You can’t do it. Only she can do it perfect. right Amma?” and melts my heart and soul **blush blush** What would I do without this little boy in my life? We seem to get a bit closer to each other these days with unlimited hugs and kisses..