Archive | January 9, 2019

Sleep over

I am glad we were able to host few sleepover this year though we live in a small condo. I love to be a spectator to see these girls chit chat non stop. The energy in the air on those days are contagious. Here is the breakfast order preference handed over to us for delivery.

Screen Shot 2019-01-03 at 11.59.38 AM

So, the one with * is first choice and the one after is the second choice. So much of thinking!! What if first choice is not available? We have turned into just delivery people of pizzas and donuts. Everything else was taken care by the girls.

Its funny to see LHB in these sleepovers shuttling between the girls and us. One minute he will be sitting in the middle of all girls and next minute he will run to us for a big warm hug or to complain about how they exclude him..

He is very eagerly waiting for his first sleepover, a topic that pops up every time Akka’s friend come home. It is not fair at all!!

We are hosting one of Adi’s friend “S” this week. She lives in same community and her parents are away so she stays with us for the night and boards school bus from our home. I pack lunch for both the girls and I am happy to send them off together in the morning. Planning to pack S’s favorite lunch tomorrow. I just want to make her feel at home as she and her family are going through some tough times. Let’s see!