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Happy 14th

Dear ma,

Happy happy birthday pumpkin. We have three more years of togetherness under the same roof and then my pumpkin is going to fly out the nest. You have started high school this year and you are on your own on almost everything. We have now moved from booking as 2 adults and 2 kids to 3 adults and 1 kid.

We now have a 3rd adult in the home and I am learning to respect you and give space to you the way I do for other adults. I cannot coax you to drink that cup of milk anymore. If you say a no, I need to understand that it is a well thought “No” and I should respect that decision.

You won in two of the piano competitions and played at winner recital held at Carnegie hall NY!

You went on a 4 DAYS choir group trip to Chicago.

The middle to high school transition was a beeg leap and you are struggling a bit with academics but I am sure you have it under control.

You can cook pasta and make dosas without my presence in the kitchen. You bake occasionally and all I do is to just operate the oven. Everything else is taken care by you.

We have some misalignments with your soft skills and I am working on it to straighten things up. Slow and steady. I am sure I can make you understand and adapt to the better side sooner.

We are moving a bigger home this summer and you are super excited about furnishing your room. I have never seen you so excited. You have it all planned out from the color of the rug to what goes in the corner. I can’t wait to make more happy memories in our new adobe in coming years.

You have started volunteering recently and I hope you will continue with this even after moving away from me.

You are a dotting Akka who has special powers to convince her little brother. Only you can change his mood.

You have moved on from Gilmore girls to Designated survivors. You watch science fiction and political dramas with your father.

I am now able to discuss about my real problems with you. I don’t know if you understand but I have started to share so someday it will all make sense to you.

I am struggling to write this letter. May be this will be my last letter to you as I don’t see the emotion flowing through this. The letter sadly looks more like a laundry list to me. May be I am tired, may be I should have chosen a different time to write the letter, may be I don’t know how to write a loving letter to an adult daughter, may be we don’t have that many cute moments anymore. I don’t know dear!!

Like I always say, I wish for your happiness more than your success. Stay happy! Stay healthy kannamma! Be good to yourself and to people around you!

Your family will always be there for you, to hold and lift you when you fall, to praise you when you rise and to care for you when you need us!