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Just in time blanket

ETA – The “Today” mentioned in this post is not the actual today. I started the draft on the mentioned “Today” and as it is always the case I couldn’t complete the post.

“Today” is one of those days I retired to bed early so decided to write down the posts I have been drafting in my head for few days now.

Adi ordered a new blanket set for her room few days before we moved to this home. Her plan was the blanket will be delivered right after we move in and she can start sleeping by herself in her room.

The blanket was in “Shipped” state for two weeks and then moved to “Delivered” state but it was not delivered. Adi and her loyal little brother circled the house few times but couldn’t find the package.

The dotting father not able to take the sad look of his daughter picked up the phone to get in touch with customer care. Now, I don’t have to go in detail about how customer care calls work in this country.

Cut to 1 month later, after multiple followups by both M and me, the package was delivered to us twice but just that we didn’t receive it. The tracker would say exact time like “Delivered at doorstep at 12:52pm” but it was nowhere to be found.

We lost hope while the third attempt was in process. The tracker said delivered on a Friday but no luck. We couldn’t find it and gave up. M decided to just cancel the order.

Two days later, Adi planned a sleepover with her friend from our old neighborhood. I proposed to use her old blanket so they both can sleep in her room but she refused. She didn’t want to sleep in her room without the special blanket she ordered after careful selection.

AND the special blanket arrived that day afternoon. It was ACTUALLY delivered and LHB was the first one to notice the truck on the road. M and I were away from home at that time and later Amma described how the kids were turning the house upside down with their screams of joy.

Isn’t this called “Just in time”? This incident re-instilled my belief that “What is meant to happen will happen when the time is right”

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Just for smile – LHB – Color idli

I recollect doing “just4smile” series for Adi in this blog when she was same age as LHB is now. Woww this blog is turning 10 this year actually this month and I didn’t realize it until I started writing this post.

There have been many ups and downs in this ten years and this blog has helped me in many ways to cope up with it. I am eternally thankful for this blog. It deserves a separate post.

Coming to the original content of this post. I would like start the “just for smile” series for LHB. This boy ensures we never have a dull moment at home. He stands very close to me and screams at the top of his voice just when I declare dealing with a bad headache. Welcome to my life!!!

Dinner time:
Ammachi: LHB, I am making Idli for thatha. Do you want to eat the same for dinner?
Myself: I could hear the tiredness in Amma’s voice.
LHB: YES ammachi but I want color idli!!!
Myself: I could see the shock in Amma’s face. She was not in a state to make color idlis
There was pin drop silence for 2 minutes

Then came the Eureka moment for me

: Amma, its ok can you please make color idli for him? But please make sure you make white color idli for him okay? I know its tough for you but can you pretty please make that special white colored idli for LHB?

By now I could see two faces light up instantly. Amma was happy that I saved her extra work and LHB was happy that he gets special Idli.

Problem solved **evil laughter** I was walking around with pride for next two days and Amma was praising me non stop 😀 😀