Just for smile – LHB – Color idli

I recollect doing “just4smile” series for Adi in this blog when she was same age as LHB is now. Woww this blog is turning 10 this year actually this month and I didn’t realize it until I started writing this post.

There have been many ups and downs in this ten years and this blog has helped me in many ways to cope up with it. I am eternally thankful for this blog. It deserves a separate post.

Coming to the original content of this post. I would like start the “just for smile” series for LHB. This boy ensures we never have a dull moment at home. He stands very close to me and screams at the top of his voice just when I declare dealing with a bad headache. Welcome to my life!!!

Dinner time:
Ammachi: LHB, I am making Idli for thatha. Do you want to eat the same for dinner?
Myself: I could hear the tiredness in Amma’s voice.
LHB: YES ammachi but I want color idli!!!
Myself: I could see the shock in Amma’s face. She was not in a state to make color idlis
There was pin drop silence for 2 minutes

Then came the Eureka moment for me

: Amma, its ok can you please make color idli for him? But please make sure you make white color idli for him okay? I know its tough for you but can you pretty please make that special white colored idli for LHB?

By now I could see two faces light up instantly. Amma was happy that I saved her extra work and LHB was happy that he gets special Idli.

Problem solved **evil laughter** I was walking around with pride for next two days and Amma was praising me non stop 😀 😀



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