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It has to get better-2

Read this before reading this post

Unfolding next day:

5:30am – A call from other side of the world woke me up at 5:30am. Looking at the name, I could guess the news. It was my cousin’s husband and he got placed in a suitable job. He has been searching for a suitable job for few months now. All I told him was “Irundha ponnu-kku etha mappillai” (Its a popular saying in Tamil. Rough translation – Best bridegroom for a long awaited bride)

6:00am – A message from my friend that her cousin is showing good signs of improvement and she will fully recover with few months of care. We all were very much worried as her eyesight was affected. The word “fully recover” put my mind in peace.

9:00am – Breakfast with two VP women leaders at work along with other women co-workers. It was a great session to hear about their journey and no better way to start the day.

10:00am – Had 1-1 with my leader and he shared the news about my annual rating and plans for 2020. A satisfactory discussion overall.

12:00pm – Monthly all hands meeting and I was awarded for being culture conductor in my organization. Pleasant surprise and I got our mascot plush doll as a gift

2:00pm – Ate cheese cake a big slice for dessert after a scrumptious lunch.

After this I seriously started praying that the day should just end soon as I want to remember this day as a happy day!

5:15pm – Picked up LHB, fed him healthy dinner/boiled egg and dropped at his class. This made me happy as everything went as planned and we had fun time while doing all this.

6:15pm – Made masala chai for myself after many many months and had a good 30 minutes chat with M while kids were in their respective classes.

7:00pm – Picked up the kids and took them to cold stone ice cream shop to threat them for Children’s day. I had great time though Adi was constantly cribbing that this is not a good idea as she has to study for two tests. I kept embarrassing her at the store by repeatedly saying “Happy children’s day betas”. I call them “beta” when I am extremely happy 🙂 LHB and I were hiding inside the store and surprised Adi when she entered. Small joys!!

9:00pm – Wrapped up kitchen and went to bed early in the fear of not jinxing the happy day!

Look at the difference in mood between two consecutive day. I had no idea about how these two days will unfold when the week started. So, if you are having a low day please stay strong and keep up for the table will turn very soon! I understand its easier said than done but trust me!



It has to get better

Just remember this whenever you have a bad day or hear bad news. It has to get better and that is how nature balances it so hang in there!

In the past 10 days I have heard about 4 losses. They all have lived life to the fullest still I was mourning deeply as each one of them have an impact on who I am today.

On Tuesday night, LHB and I was playing connect4 just before bedtime and he suddenly lost balance and fell off the high rised bed with head hitting the carpet and landedon the floor with a big back flip. He was shell shocked and just curled up in the bed. Thankfully he wasn’t visibly hurt, we checked him thoroughly and went to sleep but I couldnt sleep that night. The visuals of him falling down and the after shock look of his face kept flashing in my mind and I wasn’t sure how the next day is going to unfold. What if he was internally hurt? What if the school calls in middle of the day to report that he is unwell? Will my Life be the same again? The mind is at constant fear these days!!!

I couldnt control my thoughts and dozed off just before the dawn. I had to go to work next day so woke up soon after and went ahead with regular chores. Adi left to school at 650am. I kissed the little boy and left to work at 7am. I was very restless that day and left work early. Same day I heard about my friend’s cousin being admitted in hospital and kept in ICU. I was not myself until I saw the little boy. I picked him up and we drove straight to temple. It was a divine visit as there was not much crowd and my heart was filled with peace looking at the little boy praying to every God with utmost focus. He did thoppukarams to Pillayar. I broke down while praying but had a huge sense of satisfaction upon return.

Had a sound sleep that night hugging the little boy, thanking God for not shaking my life.

I was woken up next day at 530am by a phone call from other side of the world…. This post turned out longer than I expected so will write about my next day in next post!!